About the studio

Tim’s Garage is a relaxed environment where one can feel free to create, record and realize one’s musical vision. Run by established multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer/engineer Tim Bovaconti, the studio is situated in the east end of Toronto right on the subway line.

Tim is a veteran of the Toronto and Canadian  music scene having played guitar with the following artists:

Burton Cummings of The Guess Who (currently lead guitarist in Burton’s touring band)

Randy Bachman of The Guess Who (as a member of Bachman-Cummings for 3 years)

Ron Sexsmith (14 years touring the globe with one of Canada’s most celebrated songsmiths)

Kim Stockwood (NFLD pop songstress)

The Sattalites (Juno award winning reggae ambassadors)

Andy Kim (Rock Me Gently….Sugar,Sugar fame)

Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies)

Tim has also had the great fortune to back up Leonard Cohen, Ray Davies of the Kinks, Rodriguez (of “Searching For Sugarman” fame) and Taj Mahal amongst many others….

The studio is equipped with Universal Audio hardware (UAD Appollo, UAD 4-710d and UAD LA-610), Neumann microphones (a pair of KM184s plus a TLM103), AKG 414 and D112, Shure Beta 57A and Beta 58A plus a matching pair of Apex 205 ribbon microphones. Recording software used is Logic Pro.

The room is equipped with a late 1970s Ludwig drum kit, 1930s tuned upright piano, Vox AC15 amp, Fender Vibro-lux amp, late 1950s Gibson Scout amp, Fender Blues Junior amp as well as a Fender TV15 bass amp.

Note: Tim has access to pretty much every historically important electric guitar, lap and pedal steel, mandolin, ukelele, dulcimer, auto-harp, omnichord, harmonica, melodica, acoustic guitars and an overflowing collection of (too many!) guitar pedals. As part of the recording process his facility on these instruments may be utilized if so desired.